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Victor M. Vargas



I am currently living in the New York metropolitan area and working as a software engineer. I worked on several deep learning academic projects during my MS on machine learning. I have been studying this field and building web and mobile apps since 2014. My background includes working with consultancies, marketing organizations, and freelance projects. I'm passionate about ways that can model and systematize the unpredictable and irrational side of our human behavior.

I believe the scientific method is the most reliable method we have so far to acquire knowledge. If we apply this principle to almost everything we do, we will not only evolve as species, we will develop our surroundings too.

That is why I use the scientific method to build digital mediums (such as websites and web apps) that carefully attempt to enhance our bounds, develop our awareness, and ultimately maximize our wellbeing. This is one of the core pieces that bring joy to my life.

But to have a positive impact on this, notable results need to be delivered within a multidisciplinary framework. That is why I have work experience in web design, web development, machine learning, and who knows what else I'll need to be involved in next.

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